Outdoor Cooking

No outdoor kitchen is complete with the centerpiece of food preparation. Tech-20 offers a variety of popular items that are easily integrated with the Danver or Brown Jordan cabinetry.

Other available cooking options


EVO Social Grill

Gather around and celebrate the simple pleasure of sharing a meal with family and friends. With its circular flattop cooking surface, Evo lets you prepare virtually any cuisine from any angle. By cooking foods directly on the cook surface, you can sear, sauté, grill, toast and stir fry. Indirectly, you can use pots or pans to boil, braise, poach or steam.



With the Versa Power burner, you can expand your outdoor menu options from sautés and delicate sauces, to pasta and the option of boiling lobster, crab, shellfish, and crawfish boils. Unlike other power burners, VersaPower burners are uniquely close to the top grate allowing heat to be directed onto the bottom of cookware greatly reducing dangerous and inefficient heat loss.


pizzaPizza Ovens

Outdoor Wood-fired Pizza Oven Wood fired ovens provide a combination of baking, roasting and smoking functions, that achieve healthy, delicious and unique cooking experiences. Outdoor ovens are suitable for all kinds of food from pizzas, a roast, turkey, lamb, bread, pies, etc. We offer models from Tuscan Chef and Alfresco.

warmingAlfresco Warming Drawer

This oversized unit is perfect for keeping prepared items warm while you’re putting the finishing touches on the rest of the meal or items warm while the kids continue to play.  Warming drawers are fabricated with commercial stainless steel welded construction, includes removable food pans, full-width stainless steel handle, and electronic temperature control.

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